Internships at Dauphin Lab

The Marine Ecology Lab at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab has internship
opportunities available to qualified undergraduates looking for
experience in marine ecology (announcement below). Please post/circulate
to interested students. For more information visit our website at
Dottie Byron & Ken Heck

*Undergraduate Internships at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab in the Marine
Ecology Lab *

***Application Deadline*: **
Summer Applications – March 25, 2010
Fall Applications ? June 24, 2010

***Position description***- The Marine Ecology Lab is looking for
interns to help conduct research on several on-going projects in various
nearshore benthic habitats along the Northern Gulf Coast. Research will
be based out of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab located on Dauphin Island,
Alabama at the mouth of Mobile Bay. Interns will work closely with Dr.
Ken Heck, his lab technicians and graduate students.

We are looking for interns for both summer and fall seasons. The
duration of the internship is about 3 months. The internship will have a
flexible start date with summer interns starting in June and continuing
through August. Fall interns will start in August and continue through
November.**You may apply for both seasons if you wish.

*Duties and responsibilities* ? Interns will be required to participate
heavily in field-based activities, which are sometimes characterized by
long hours and potentially arduous conditions. Field research will
include seagrass restoration and monitoring, juvenile snappers and gag
grouper habitat assessment, and monthly sampling of restored oyster
reefs near Dauphin Island, Alabama. For more information regarding
current projects, please check the Marine Ecology Lab website at <>.
Applicants should have their own snorkel gear (both seasons) and wet
suit (fall season only). Interns will be involved in sample collection
and processing and will receive training in sampling techniques (benthic
flora and fauna sampling, fisheries sampling, water column sampling, and
seagrass monitoring techniques), fish and invertebrate identification,
and analytical methods (chlorophyll analysis and nutrient analysis).
There will also be opportunities to learn other ecological field
sampling techniques in a variety of marine environments. In addition,
interns are encouraged to attend seminars on current topics in marine
science hosted at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab and at the University of
South Alabama.

We are seeking people who are committed and enthusiastic about marine
science and may be considering marine ecology as a career. This job
requires long days of physically demanding field work and long hours
sorting samples in the lab. Experience (although not necessary), as well
as enthusiasm about marine research, are important aspects of a
rewarding internship. This is a great opportunity for hands-on training
in the field and laboratory.

*Stipend* *?* A monthly stipend of $1400 is provided.

***Eligibility* **? Undergraduate juniors and seniors enrolled in marine
programs (or related fields) or with marine experience are preferred.
Graduating seniors are also welcome to apply. This internship is
available only to U.S. citizens.

***Application Requirements* -* *
1) Fill out Internship application accessed at:
2) Provide 2 letters of recommendation. These can be emailed directly to or mailed to Dottie Byron, Marine Ecology Lab Intern
Program, Dauphin Island Sea Lab, 101 Bienville Blvd., Dauphin Island, AL

Dottie Byron, M.S.
Research Technician
Marine Ecology Lab
Dauphin Island Sea Lab
101 Bienville Boulevard
Dauphin Island, AL 36528