Aquariums KILL

Stop the Killing – Stop Aquariums – Do not support Commercial and Public Aquariums – They are Killing Fields

Private and public aquariums are responsible for the death of millions of marine creatures, especially fish.  The hidden secret of the trade is that fish die in aquariums, usaully in large numbers.  If they don’t die in the aquarium the acquisition of the fish destroys reef systems and kills many creatures along the way.  Few fish can be raised in captivity.  The vast majority are taken from the wild through the use of destructive practices that result in the death of about 20 fish for every one that makes it into the aquarium.

Aquarium creatures are often released into the environment resulting in invasive species problems.  For example, the recent Lionfish invasion of the Caribbean has been traced back to an aquarium release and is causing the death and destruction of reef fish populations throughout the Tropical Atlantic.  The pretense of research is just a cover to make money, similar to Japan’s “Scientific Whaling”.  If you love tropical fish go visit them in their natural habitat.  Stop killing them by keeping an aquarium and stop paying others to kill them every time you buy a ticket to a public aquarium.  For those working at aquariums – SHAME ON YOU.