Why Belize?

Why Belize?

There are less expensive places to go to study Tropical Marine Biology but they have a greater volume of tourists. Although volume reduces cost it also reduces the quality of the environment and the quality of your experience.  Here are some other reasons to come:

-The second Largest Coral Barrier Reef in the World.

-The healthiest reef in the Caribbean shows what other reefs looked like 50 yrs ago.
-Location of World Heritage Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s). Visiting them financially supports their operation (park fees included!) and arguably the most effective coral reef conservation programs in the world.

-Opportunity to experience Mayan Ruins and touch an ancient culture.

-Multicultural interaction with Creole, Latino, Mayan.

-Multilingual – English, Spanish, Mayan, Creole

-Globalism – for many students this may be the first time they have left the United states. The students leave the sphere of US dominated culture in a way not possible in the Bahamas.

-Attraction of Adventure – Belize is a mysterious and new country (1981). Just saying the name attracts people’s interest and increases enrollment!


– Beginning 19th year of renowned performance

-Academically Dedicated Facility (no random hotel guests)

-TREC offers all the materials and support staff needed

-Registered Nurse on staff

-Lowest rainfall rate in Belize (rain increases to the south)

-Barrier reef protection makes it very rare to cancel a boat trip due to weather
-It is an institution that is open to conducting and assisting long term studies

-Professor can come for free with 15 students (2 free with 20)

-Professor can preview facility and program free of charge.

-Your course – your way.  We offer whatever level of assistance you want- or leave you alone to do your own thing.


On the subject of Scuba

We work with a local dive shop to provide Scuba.  Although my wife and I are scuba instructors we have found it to be a minor interest to most schools probably based on liability.  You have a few options-

-No Scuba

-Scuba outside of program on free time.  Afternoon dives go out at 2:00 and we are

sometimes winding our day down by then. The dive boat will come to us, pick the

divers up and get in a 2 tank dive (about $60). Some groups have a free day.

-Optional Scuba used to further study – extra credit or expanding a project.

-Scuba part of the program – could set a certain number of dives into the schedule (at additional expense).