Conch Season officially opens!

As you may have known, the Conch Season was closed earlier this year, almost
2 months short of its actual closing date which is June 30th due to the
distressing of the conch in the country.
The Queen Conch is easily
recognizable by its large pinkish shell, reaching a length of 30 cm and weighing
some 2 kg. Its favorite habitats are beds of Turtle grass and of Manatee grass
and sand flats at water depths from 1 to 100ft. The Queen Conch mainly feeds on
algae, as adults, and plankton as larvae. It may reach some 7 years of age and
its main predators include crabs, turtles, sharks, rays and humans.

October 1st is the
official opening of the conch season and fishermen have gone out on their early
morning journey to fetch these beautiful and tasty conch. So head on over to
your favorite restaurant and order that delicious Conch Ceviche or Conch
Caye Caulker Chronicles