2015 Conference

 Belize Tropical Research & Education Center

 Conference on International Coral Reef Education and Student Research


Announcing the June 6 to 13 dates for the 2015 Belize TREC Conference on International Coral Reef Education and Student Research.  We are accepting abstracts for platform presentations (20 – 45 minutes) that focus on your experience, course design, student recruitment strategies or a tangential topic that will bring advancement to the arena of international coral reef education and student research. . The deadline to submit an abstract is January 9, 2015, at 11:59 pm (Eastern Daylight Time). Please electronically submit abstracts to Dr. Ken Mattes at trec@hotmail.com. The abstract cannot be more than 2,300 total characters. This includes the title, body, author last name, institutions, and spaces. The abstract should include a statement of the rationale and scope of the presentation in addition to a summary of the presentation. A “receipt of abstract” notice will be sent via email to the contact author once the abstract has been processed. You will receive your acceptance notice and session instructions in early February. It is our goal to construct a program that reflects the best science, and pedagogy as it pertains to coral reef research and education as well as the breadth of participant interests. Participants will have the opportunity to examine diverse methodologies presented from the podium, further illuminated by daily excursions to coral reef sites where student fieldwork has been conducted for decades.  The cost of $945 covers conference registration fee, room, board, and daily field excursions aboard Goliath.  Additional expenses are international and domestic airfares.


Acceptance of the abstract by the Conference Committee obligates the author to present the paper and pay the conference fee. PowerPoint presentations that are PC compatible are required for platform presentations.


Please contact us for registration information and other deadlines.