CO2-limitation of algal endosymbionts

Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2017 09:11:46 +1000
From: Scott Wooldridge <>
Subject: [Coral-List] CO2-limitation of algal endosymbionts in hospite
is      common
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Dear Fellow Coral Reef Researchers,

Just drawing attention to this excellent new manuscript by Radecker et al.
which highlights well that, “CO2 limitation of Symbiodinium is a common
feature of stable cnidarian holobionts”.

Results such as these provide strong support for the role of light- adn
temperature driven CO2-limitation as the primary driver of mass coral
bleaching events:

And explains why strongly autotrophic symbiotic corals are “the living
dead” in the Anthropocene ocean:

The results also infer the crucial importance of getting the
experimental/laboratory light requirements correct for testing bleaching
mechanism, and making inference from the lab to ecosystem scale. I will
write further on this in a separate listing.