Why San Pedro?


There are less expensive places to go to study Tropical Marine Biology but they have a greater volume of tourists.  Although volume reduces cost it also reduces the quality of the environment and the quality of your experience.  Here are some other reasons to come.

– Group leaders can come FREE !

– TREC offers all the materials and support staff you need.  We will do as much or as little as you want, running the     entire class if you so desire.

Second Largest Barrier Reef in the world half a mile from the classroom and lab.

Healthiest Reef in the Caribbean

Academically dedicated facility

Mayan Ruins and culture easily accessible

– Globalism – change students lives by changing their perspective

– People Bilingual in English and Spanish (trilingual if you count Creol).  English is the National Language.

Lowest rainfall level in Belize.  Rain increases by over 300% from north to south Belize.

Friendly, with a relatively high standard of living, no begging, no harassment.

Medical – Recompression chamber, more than 6 doctors locally, 2 medical clinics, Registered Nurse on staff.

Safety on streets and beaches.  Any travel warnings on Belize are based on Belize City far from San Pedro.

Easy, all inclusive pricing.

Security Personal security has become more of an issue in recent years.  We have a good 20 year record and intend to keep it that way.  Belize Marine TREC is an academically dedicated facility.  There are no people at the facility but students and staff.  We are not open to the general public.  Meals are served in a family style.  No alcohol is served at the facility.  The staff is a small group of dedicated people who all have 6 or more years with us.  No inappropriate consorting of staff and students has ever occurred.  Ambergris Caye is a small island where boat and golf cart are the main forms of transport.  Students are kept quite busy from early morning till night with physical and academic activities.  There is little time to get into trouble.  Supervision and contact hours between professors and students is about 13 hours daily.  Finally, the buddy system is required at all times.  No one is ever alone unless they’re in el bano.

2 thoughts on “Why San Pedro?”

  1. Dr. Alan Smith, Mercer University, May 2006 says:

    By the way, with the semester at an end(finals start today), I have been finishing the grading of the Coral Reef Biologystudents’ experiential papers. Gosh, did you (Maureen) and Ken havea major and positive impact on the lives of these kids. Phrases like”once in a lifetime experience”, “inspiring and confidence bilding”, “never wanted to leave”, and “Life changing” recur throughout the papers. This phenomenon is something that you, Ken and i have discussed, but it never ceases to amaze and inspire me.
    So many thanks to you for doing your part in keeping me freshand motivated as a teacher. Dr. Alan Smith, Mercer University

  2. John Hansford says:

    It’s been a long time since I was in this class, but I was thinking of TREC today, like I do many times when I’m stuck in the snow. To second Dr. Smith, this is an amazing program. Ken and Maureen provide a unique and incredible opportunity. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. They even let me come back and work for a little bit after I graduated from college.

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