Available Equipment

Belize Marine TREC Partial Equipment List

Barometers, wind meter


Blackboards / Whiteboards

Bunsen Burners


Collecting buckets


Dissecting Kits

Field ID cards

Fishing Poles and tackle

Games – ping pong, dominos, cards, etc.


Hand Lenses

Hydrometers, specific gravity

LaMotte water sampler

Larval light trap

Library – Text volumes, Journals, 35mm slide collection, Video collection

Lights – flash lights, dive lights, battery silum, strobe, U/W 12v halogen lamp.  Always bring a personal, terrestrial flashlight with you when traveling to an adventure destination like Belize. 

Microscopes – (2) Bausch & Lomb dissecting

(2) Bausch & Lomb compound

(2) Wolf compound

Miscellaneous lab equip and glassware

test tubes, pipettes, slides, flasks, beakers, filters, specimen containers, squeeze bottles,

graduated cylinders, heat pen, safety glasses, timers

Natural History Museum – large selection of specimens for comparison

Navigation tools and charts

Nets – plankton, seine, casting, dip, traps

overhead projector

pi pumps – pipetting aids

Phone – cellular field phone

Power Point Projector

Radios – VHS, hand held and base unit

Salinity Refractometer

Scale – triple beam

Secchi disk

Sediment core sampler

35mm Slide projector (two)


Television, VCR/DVD(two)


Tide clock

Tide meter

Turbidity meter

Tools – drills, jig saw, circular saw, vacuum, hand tools, etc

Underwater writing slates

Volt meter

Equipment supplies are regularly augmented.  Suggestions and donations are always appreciated

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