Gear list


TRAVEL GEAR LIST   (stuff you might bring)

Passport (required : *must be valid & 6 months or more from expiration *    no visa needed  for US citizens)

Beach Towel**** required

Terrestrial Flashlight ****required developing countries have unreliable electricity

Extra Money for souvenirs, postcards, etc.

Money:  $1.00US  =  $2.00BZ


Sun Block

Insect Repellent

Sun Glasses


Rain coat

High energy snacks (?chocolate?)

Snorkel gear – mask, snorkel, fins

Masks should be tested  for fit.  A mask fits if it can be held in place by creating a vacuum between

mask and face.  Try it on to make sure it is a good fit.  Perhaps even test it out in a pool.

Masks are available through most dive shops with prescription lenses- when you

travel all this way doesn’t it make sense to see everything?  But an old spare pair of glasses with

arms are broken off can sometimes be put into a mask.

Notebook & Pen

Recommended books




Camera,  batteries

Small radio

Playing cards

Sense of Humor

Names and Addresses for postcards, important phone numbers

Clothes: walking shoes, shoes to wear in water, bathing suits, long pants, long sleeve shirt, jacket,

shorts, T-shirts, something that will allow you to cover up in water -e.g. old long sleeved

shirt and pants, body suit.  This may become necessary in cases of sunburn or on some night


Calling card (use only those bought in Belize)

Alarm clock

Fish stories

Good book for travel

Pack your carry on so that you have what you need for a day or two if the airline “misplaces” your bags.

Pack mask and snorkel in your carry on bag, maybe even your fins if they fit.

If diving: SCUBA Gear less tank and weights.

*Batteries*especially “C” batteries for dive light/ Please bring 4 C batteries per person for night snorkel


Zip lock plastic bags : keep stuff dry or wet, protects equipment from atmospheric moisture &

keeps ants out of snacks.

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