Gear list


Note: Required items are BOLDED


1) Passport (required : *must be valid & 6 months or more from expiration *  no visa needed  for US citizens)

2) Beach Towel

3) Terrestrial Flashlight 

4) Snorkel gear – mask, snorkel, fins

Masks should be tested  for fit.  A mask fits if it can be held in place by creating a vacuum between

mask and face.  Try it on to make sure it is a good fit.  Perhaps even test it out in a pool.

Masks are available through most dive shops with prescription lenses- when you

travel all this way doesn’t it make sense to see everything?  But an old spare pair of glasses with

arms are broken off can sometimes be put into a mask.

Extra Money for souvenirs, postcards, etc.

5) Money:  $1.00US  =  $2.00BZ

6) Prescription medications

7) Sun Block

8) Insect Repellent

9) Sun Glasses

10) Hat

11) Rain coat

12) High energy snacks (?chocolate?)

13) Notebook & Pen

14) Recommended books

15) Over the counter medications- Dramamine, Advil, etc.

16) Toiletries

17) Camera

18) Clothes-

walking shoes, shoes to wear in water, bathing suits, long pants, long sleeve shirt, jacket,

shorts, T-shirts, something that will allow you to cover up in water -e.g. old long sleeved

shirt and pants, body suit.  This may become necessary in cases of sunburn or on some night


19) Batteries-

especially “C” batteries for dive light/ Please bring 4 C batteries per person for night snorkel

20) Binoculars

21) Zip lock plastic bags-

keep stuff dry or wet, protects equipment from atmospheric moisture & keeps ants out of snacks.

22) Sense of Humor


  • Pack your carry on so that you have what you need for a day or two if the airline “misplaces” your bags.
  • Pack mask and snorkel in your carry on bag, maybe even your fins if they fit.
  • If diving: Bring SCUBA gear, excluding tank and weights.


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