Our pricing system is simplistic. There are no tax or service charge surprises.

The total cost of the trip to Belize TREC can be broken down in to categories.

  1. Your Personalized Belize TREC Itinerary
  2. International Airfare
  3. Domestic Airfare
  4. Departure Tax (if not included in your international ticket)



Each visitor receives:

  1. Boarding– Single to quad occupancy depending on availability.  Private bathroom in each room.  Air Conditioning is available and is typically reserved for professors or group leaders.
  2. Food– 3 meals a day plus welcome nachos and TREC black bean snacks on board.
  3. Program– snorkeling daily except arrival and departure days.  Evening program includes beach seine, night snorkel, lectures and Wed. night Beach BBQ with Chicken Drop.  SCUBA and mainland trips extra.
  4. Transport to and from San Pedro Airport

Also included:

  • Hotel and Sales Tax
  • Park fees


2 thoughts on “Pricing”

  1. Alan Smith says:

    Hey Ken and Maureen,

    Love the new web site! Hope y’all have settled into your new digs in the Big Apple and that all are happy and well. As a test of your web site (and for my budget planning) could you send me your current nightly fee for a visit in March 2010?

    Take care,

  2. Ken says:

    Hi Patsi,
    Nice to hear from you. This format has limited space. For more info e-mail us at

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