Black Band Disease has new classification

Hi all – the same issue of Phycologia with the new Symbiodinium species also has a paper from my lab (Casamatta et al., 2012) formally describing the black band disease cyanobacterium.  This cyanobacterium, referred to over the years as Phormidium, Oscillatoria, Pseudoscillatoria, and various strains, was characterized using a polyphasic approach (sequencing, phylogeny, ecology, physiology) as the new genus and species Roseofilum reptotaenium (“creeping band of red filaments”).  It is a formal classification under the Botanic Code.  An in situ image of black band disease is on the cover of the September issue of the journal.  Best, Laurie

Laurie Richardson, Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
Florida International University
Miami, Florida 33199