Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment AGRRA  Training slide shows for Corals, Fish and procedure.


The 2012 Annual Report for the CCRE Program is now online and ready for viewing here:<>  (the report is embedded on the front page)

You can read over 2 dozen articles detailing the past year’s research activities from the Carrie Bow Cay lab in Belize. Additionally, the report is loaded
with beautiful images from the field. Check it out!

Scott Jones
Caribbean Coral Reef Ecosystems
Smithsonian Marine Station/ Carrie Bow Cay

Ecology of Caribbean Sponges #113  WATER EDUCATION FOR TEACHERS

PHOTOS 2011 Camelia Maier


Temple University – TREC web site link

Linnean Society of London 



Sponge Guide

My colleagues and I have just published a review that addresses a confluence of recent and interesting controversies about sponge nutrition (YES, sponges can be both interesting and controversial!  Who would have thought it!!).  These issues include bottom-up control of Caribbean sponge communities, the “sponge-loop,” and the importance of dissolved organic material in sponge nutrition.

Pawlik, J.R., McMurray, S.E., Erwin, P. and Zea, S. 2014.<>  A review of evidence for food-limitation of sponges on Caribbean reefs.  Marine Ecology Progress Series, 519: 265-283.

The paper is open-access – click on the web link above, or use this link:

Hofstra 2015 blog

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